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Sonntag, 12. August 2012

Harry Potter and the Lucky Chance

(German version)

There´s not much fuss about the boy with the the scary scarry forehead anymore. Too late to ride the creast of that wave?
Hunger-Games are the big deal now - but everybody who´s not anorexic yet, may be a gobbler of my new fantasy novels. Lead character is a corpulent student at a secret academy for celebrity cooks.

Vol. 1: Harry Fodder and the Porky Pigs´s Bone
Vol. 2: Harry Fodder and the Chamber of Sweetness
Vol. 3: Harry Fodder and the Carousal at Azkaban
Vol. 4: Harry Fodder and the Tablet of Fiber
Vol. 5: Harry Fodder orders a Grilled Chicken
Vol. 6: Harry Fodder and the Half-Raw Steak
Vol. 7: Harry Fodder and the Deathly Hiccups

As you notice, there´s a moment of final suspense in Volume 4. The catastophe that follows is of such enormity, that I had to spread it over three books. If the story is ever made into a film, Vol. 5-7 will become a stand-alone hexalogy.

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