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Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

Hospital - The Musical!

Considering episode 6/6 of "Scrubs" to be one of my favourites, it´s about time for another medical related musical to be created.

Let´s simply call it: Hospital - The Musical!

The songs and artists so far:
  • Pills, Pills, Pills (Surgeon [naut.]))
  • Unfinished Symptomy (Passive Attack)
  • Maniac Moanday (The Strangles)
  • Love Hurls (Lazareth)
  • Quality Sheet (Man Worrysome)
  • Bowel Obstructions Of Love (Therapy!)
  • Walk Like A Physician (The Strangles)
  • I Feel Pity (the nurses Maria, Consuela, Rosalia, Teresita und Francisca)
  • From Beer To Maternity (Iron Staff Nurse)

The melodies are done. Similarities to songs like
  • Girls, Girls, Girls (Sailor)
  • Unfinished Sympathy (Massive Attack)
  • Maniac Monday (The Bangles)
  • Love Hurts (Nazareth)
  • Quality Street (Van Morrison)
  • Bowels Of Love (Therapy?)
  • Walk Like An Egyptian (The Bangles)
  • I Feel Pretty (the girls from West Side Story)
  • From Here To Eternity (Iron Maiden) 
are completely accidental.

Now just lyrics and choreography are missing. Who dares to write them :)?

P.S.: "Like A Surgeon" by Weird Al Yankowic had to be kicked out, because of its pre-release back in 1985. Sorry Al, why couldn´t you wait?